Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Greetings

Happy Easter! It's 80 degrees here on our little farm and we are celebrating spring.

Joey is planting the garden and Levi and I are playing on an old quilt on the lawn. The smell of sunscreen and fresh grass have me dreaming of all the warm days ahead to spend barefoot outside with my little guy.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Season

Spring is slowly peeking out from the shadows of winter.

Since I last wrote, we have had six lambs and are still watching and waiting for one more ewe to lamb.  This lambing season has been exciting because it is our first season with our colored ram.  We got two black and white lambs this year, both males.  They are adorable and such a fun surprise to find.  One is almost all black, and the other looks like a dalmatian.
A couple minutes old and already up and about!

After multiple attempts to get ducklings at the feed store before they were all gone, Joey was finally able to pick up some ducklings and chicks a few weekends ago.  I'm not sure why the ducklings were so popular, but they would be sold out within a few hours of their arrival at the store. 

The ducks are two weeks old now and growing so fast.  And I can say the same thing for our little duckling, Levi, who is almost 9 months old now.  We have been exploring the barnyard and backyard through the eyes of our little guy now that the days are starting to warm up.  We've had our first picnic, a walk in the stroller to the swings in the park, and lots of sitting and watching the sheep and chickens.  And he's discovered grass!  He loves to weave his chubby fingers into the grass and pull it out by the handful.  He also tries to sneak a few bites of the grass as well...

We are in a new season of life.  Busy days with baby at the library, bubble baths, washing dirty little hands, bottles, and clothes.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  And darn those little baby socks!  I have the hardest time finding a matching pair while trying to get the baby and me out the door in the morning.  But I figure if the baby looks cute in his little outfits, no one will notice that mama hasn't showered... Busy, busy days, but so worth it.  I am still so grateful that I can bring the baby with me to work every day.  Just so I can kiss his chubby cheeks all day.