Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Have a Coke

Today during my lunch break I walked across the street to the gas station to get a sandwich for lunch.  Now don't get all grossed out because I bought a sandwich from a gas station, 'cause it's not like that.  I'm not getting any old plastic-wrapped egg salad sandwich that's been sitting in a refrigerator for weeks on end.  They have a deli in there that makes sub sandwiches and hot pizzas.  There are no hot dogs endlessly rolling around on a heater next to a slurpee machine.

 So anyway...back to the story.  I was about to order a freshly-prepared veggie sub sandwich and I was reaching into the cooler and grabbed a can of Coke, and I dropped it on the ground.

 And it exploded everywhere.

And I was extremely embarrassed.

And then a bunch of construction workers came in a heckled me while I mopped the soda off the floor with wads of napkins.

And then they cut in front of me.

Finally, an older guy who was joking around with the ladies that work in the gas station let me go in front of him to order my sandwich.  And it was interesting because I've never met him before, but he asked me how things were going at the library.  He wanted to know if I could find out what year Frank James (Jesse James' brother) died because he had been arguing about it with his buddies.  I guess it's just another case of everyone knows everyone else in town (or it's because I drove the library float in the homecoming parade?)

After lunch I reopened the library and the gas station guy came in and handed me a cold can of Coke and asked if we could look up Frank James, if it was not too much trouble.  So today I can say I learned a little about history and a little about people.

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