Friday, July 1, 2011

We're on our way

Almost time for vacation!  And the looong drive to get there... Hope everyone has a great weekend, I'm going up to my "happy place" now. (Whenever I try to meditate or relax I think of I picture I have of myself from a few years back where I'm sitting on a big rock on our beach with my feet in the water, nose in a book.)  Hope everyone has a great weekend and a great Fourth of July.  It's our favorite holiday because it means Madeline Island, grilling, a hilarious small town parade, fireworks on the beach and dogs in bandanas.  We got engaged on the 4th two years ago after a crazy day of indian pow-wows, running out of gas in the boat, dragging the boat to shore with the anchor and borrowing a van from the owner of a bar so we could go buy gas at the marina.  My little sister's friend described it as the "best day of her life."  We rank it pretty high up there, too. 
Madeline Island Parade

Daisy in the back of the truck

Where we got engaged

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