Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stepping in puddles in socks

This is what my pictures of Jip look like lately.  Pretty bad.  But he's been pretty bad himself.  He's wound for sound, mile a minute, and bouncing off the walls crazy lately.  And barking at a decibel that feels like it will split your ear drums.  Yikes.  It must be a doggie equivalent to the terrible-twos.  He's been jumping and nipping and chewing the cabinets and the drawer knobs, ripping holes in my pajamas in the mornings and scarfing his food so fast he throws up.  What a boy.

Here's one of him barking.  I've been trying to get a picture of him for days so that I could write about him, but I guess these blurry ones are fitting for the phase (hopefully) he's in.

Finally, a good one this morning.  Don't be fooled by that look of innocence.  30 seconds later he was trying to bite my camera.  

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