Friday, July 8, 2011

Over to Old LaPointe

We got back from our little vacation Tuesday's taken a few days for me to recover.  We drove all the way through the night last Friday, leaving our house at 7 pm and arriving at the ferry dock at 5 am.

Watching the sun rise over the ferry landing in Bayfield, WI

I fell asleep waiting for the 7 am ferry to the island, Joey was too jittery from the 5-hour energy and coffee he drank about 2:30 am.  The ferry crew showed up around 6 and put us on a 6:30 am ferry, and we were the only ones on it.

Only car on the ferry

My mom was surprised when we showed up at the cabin at 7 am.  We slept for a few hours and spent the rest of the day laying around reading, playing Scrabble, and waiting for my dad to get there.  That night we grilled and made chocolate-covered strawberries from local berries and fell asleep early. 

Maddy and Jip playing Scrabble

The next day we went out on the boat for a little picnic that turned out to be a little like Gilligan's Island...what was supposed to be a little jaunt around the lake turned out to be a much bigger adventure (one that includes a lot of walking and a lot of bug bites.)  Let's just say that we got halfway around the island, had a lovely picnic, then got back into the boat and the engine wouldn't start.  For two hours.  The scene involved Joey and my dad with gasoline pumps, ether spray, screwdrivers, anchors, and a little bit of frustrated cussing.  In the end, my dad was able to walk the boat along the shore to someone's dock and asked the guy if we could leave the boat there overnight, until we could return to fix it or have it towed.  The guy begrudgingly let my dad tie the boat up next to his huge fishing boat and then asked my dad what we were going to do.  When my dad said he didn't know, the nice man said, "Well, it's 10 miles to town" and then went back to his cabin.  No offer of a ride to our cabin or the marina.

Picnic beach where we got stranded

And so we started walking.  We knew it was closer to walk back around the island to our cabin than into town, but we didn't know how far.  And we were on a gravel road on the northern part of the island rather that the main road where someone might see us and offer a ride.  We walked six miles.  It took us three hours to get back to our cabin at 9 pm.  And the worst part (besides the ravenous mosquitos and flies) was walking past all these families sitting on their beaches or sitting around the campfire while we trodded on, knowing that we still had to drive to the marina to get our truck and that we hadn't had dinner. 

The next day was the 4th of July.  We went to the parade and dressed the dogs in patriotic bandanas.  Jip stole the show and everyone wanted to pet him and feed him treats.  One lady even turned to her husband and said, "Wow, Australian Shepherd... remember that honey."  

I don't have any photos from the 4th because I temporarily broke the camera when I dropped it during our little adventure the day before.  So the rest of our photos are on my mom's camera, hopefully she can email them for me when she gets home.  They're not leaving until tomorrow.  We left at 7:15 am on Tuesday and returned to our home at 9:30 pm.  It was a looong drive.  It was a good trip, but it was very short and it took almost 2 days of travel.  And now I am exhausted, covered in bug bites, and I think I strained the muscles in my feet from walking 6 miles in sandals because it still hurts to put weight on them.  (I know, I'm a complainer.)

But on a happier note, our garden exploded with growth while we were away and some zucchini got away from us and grew bigger than the puppy.  We've been eating peas, zucchini, basil, green beans and lots of eggs this week.  Last night I made a frittata with all the veggies and eggs, and today I am hoping to make zucchini bread.  And send out my giveaway boxes...

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