Friday, July 29, 2011

Not Bear-Proof

Or Jip-Proof, for that matter...

Looks like we have a problem with bear cubs

We put the bags of dog food in a plastic storage bin on the enclosed back porch because every time we opened the back door Jip was out there, his nose in a food bag, snuffling and snarfing like a hungry bear.  And so, I tried to bear-proof the food like when we used to camp in the Boundary Waters and had to hang our food bag up in a tree.  Looks like Jip figured out how to break into the bin.

Wouldn't even look up when I called his name
When I came in from outside this morning all I found was a little behind and two back legs hanging out of the bin, the rest of his body under the lid, mouth full of food.  He actually chomped down with his legs dangling like that for a while, until I went to get the camera.  By that time he was already inside, in puppy heaven.  I actually took him out and put the lid back on a couple times and let him reenact the scene a few more times without me reprehending his actions, just so I could snap a couple pics (I know: bad puppy mother!)

Joey couldn't find him this morning before he left for work, until he looked on the back porch.  He was inside the bin, with the lid on top, completely hidden in his covert mission for food.  Wonder what kind of territory he will explore tomorrow?  The inside of the fridge?

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