Saturday, July 16, 2011

Digging in

Remember way back when (ok it was only a couple months ago) we were thinking about moving closer to Joey's job and put our house on the market?  Well, we decided we just couldn't leave our very first house after only a year of living in it (not to mention the fact that we probably couldn't afford to...)  We hope to be able to have a bigger farm someday that's closer to my parents as well as Joey's parents and closer to our cabin in Wisconsin.  We have lots of dreams of vegetable farming the way we grew up, my mom has her heart set on a flower farm, dad wants an orchard and a place for all his antique steam engines, and I think my sister wants dairy goats.  And we gotta have sheep.  So for now, we are saving our pennies and staying with our home sweet home in western Illinois.  And we're pretty excited about our decision.  To celebrate, we've dug another garden bed.

Maybe it's because it is summer and it is so beautiful here with all the corn growing up, but we just couldn't see ourselves leaving our house yet, dumping it before we had really lived in it.  For me, this decision has been like a weight lifted off my shoulders, because I didn't want to have to leave my job and I knew that no matter what, I wanted to be closer to family.  I left most of our wedding presents in boxes, thinking we were moving, and I haven't even unpacked everything from when I moved in last summer.  But now I am feeling rejuvenated in the feeling that this is our house and I am excited to get back to work on making it our home.  When we first moved last year, I was so gung-ho on painting and ripping down tiling and wallpaper and carpet and then I lost my momentum and a year later, the house is still not finished.  It's going to take time but it's important to live in a house that suits your tastes and needs, not the previous owners.

Zinnia in the garden

This week we started with some outside projects: our giant garden bed and a clothesline.  I have wanted a clothesline for a long time, enviously eyeing the neighbor's linens blowing gently in the wind.  So we finally built one.  And the next day, our dryer broke.  So for now, we are sticking to only hang-drying our laundry.  I hope it saves us some money on our energy bill.
Clothesline with new garden behind

Next, Joey plowed a part of our side yard with his 1940's John Deere A tractor and plow.  (I probably didn't call it the right thing, but I don't know about antique tractor implements, that's Joey's hobby!)  We are going to plant more green beans and cucumbers this year and then move half of the vegetables over there next year as well as keep the smaller one.  Just another step towards self-sufficiency.

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