Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekend To-Do List

Whew, I think our long list of visitors has finally wrapped up...for a while at least.  These days, it seems you never know who's going to stop by our little house in the boondocks.  And the invitation is always open, we love to entertain our family and friends.  It's kinda funny though, how our house has become a little getaway destination.  Get away from it all, breathe in the fresh country air, sleep on an air mattress, wash our dishes...all this and more at Third Street Farm Bread and Breakfast.  Heck, I would have visitors every night of the week if it meant someone else did the dishes.  Just ask my college roommates how much I love washing dishes.  And somehow Joey and I have found a soulmate in each other, brought together by our mutual talents for letting the dirty dishes pile up.  We both wrote in our wedding vows to each other that we would try to do the dishes.  What were we thinking?  We should have vowed to buy a dishwasher.

But is the weekend, time to catch-up.  To Do:
1. Finish the last 5 thank-you notes and make Joey sign all the ones I already wrote
2. Drive 1.5 hours to Springfield to go to Target (that's right people! can you believe I actually moved somewhere that far away from a Target?!) and use my 10% coupon and gift cards to buy an ottoman to go with the couch
3. Plant my herb seeds and strawberry plants in containers
4. Catch up on sleep
5. Check out the house we put a bid on again and take pictures of the inside
6. Email sheep photos
7. Do the dishes...just kidding, Joey sister did them before she left!

Who wants to visit next?  I promise you won't have to fix our vacuum cleaner after you wash the dishes, Steve fixed it for us during his stay last weekend!

He even vacuumed the rug!

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