Friday, April 29, 2011

Sorry Kate

Today's newspapers in the the library are abuzz with local excitement over the royal wedding.  The Peoria Journal Star had articles on how local English people were celebrating with Pajama Parties for the 4 am live viewing of the event.  The McDonough County Voice chronicled a woman in Macomb who has been waiting anxiously since Diana and Charles' wedding for the next royal event.  The article explains, "'I've been waiting to do this for 30 years,' said Kassie Wednesday afternoon, while making preparations for her party, which kicks off at 3 a.m. Friday, when most television coverage of the royal wedding starts.  "I got goosebumps when William got engaged.'"  Seriously?

After reading all about the local celebrations in the papers, I had to get online and check out some of the photos for myself.  The only thing I was really interested to see was Kate's dress because it's design had been kept a secret.  I was a little disappointed.  I liked the lace sleeves, they were very elegant, but I hated the V-neckline.  Sorry Kate, but I like my wedding dress better.  I really liked her maid of honor (or should I say honour,) sister Pippa's dress.  And her name, too!  Some people thought it was a little scandalous that the maid of honor also wore white, but really, what did you expect from a commoner?  Sorry Kate, now you can only be known as Katherine, never play Monopoly with the royal family (it was banned in 2008 after a particularly nasty game,)  and unless she eats fast, she won't ever finish her meal in the presence of the queen. Once the queen finishes eating and puts down her fork, so must everyone in the room.  Well good luck to ya, Waity-Katie, best wishes to the happy couple from a newlywed on the other side of the pond!

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