Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No buts about it...

My butt hurts.  I have a big blue bruise thanks to Dodge's big thick head.

In other butt-related news, all of the lambs' tails have fallen off.  Don't freak out.  They're supposed to do that.  We put a small, elastic band on the top of their tails, close to their bodies, the day after they were born.  It hurts them for a couple minutes and then the blood stops flowing and they can't feel anything.  The tail then falls off on its own in a few weeks.  Kinda like that clampy-thing they put on babies' bellybuttons and then that crusty umbilical cord bit falls off after a while (at least that's what I kinda remember from when my sister was born.)  I think my nine year old self actually wanted to keep that crusty bellybutton thing as kind of a big sister souvenir. Gross.

Sorry this post is so graphic and somewhat disgusting.  I guess that's the life of a shepherd.  Lots of poop, a little blood, occasional bruises, and little woolly tails left behind in the barnyard.
Look Ma, no tail!

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