Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Checking it off.

Well, we accomplished a lot this last weekend: 

1. I went to Target in Springfield and bought the ottoman I've been eyeing for a while.  The reasons for wanting the ottoman were two-fold: first to store all of our DVDs and second, so that Joey would sit next to me on the couch.  He doesn't think that the couch is big enough for the two of us to stretch out.  Well problem solved Mister!  Put your feet up!

2. We looked at the house in Bluffs again.  Remember the one with 9 acres and a pond and a 60's style house?  The realtor met us there to unlock it for us so that we could go in without trespassing this time and take pictures.  We had a picnic on the back porch and walked down by the stream.  It was a beautiful day and we started to get a little more excited about the place.  It needs some work (just like our first house) but as Joey explained to me, we are young and crazy so we can handle it. 

3.  Joey got a new lawn mower.  Yes, it's a John Deere.  I knew it was only a matter of time before he came home with something from work.

4. I beat Joey in a game of bowling.

5. Our friends brought their son and nephew over who are 7 and 6 to see our lambs.  Joey was in the middle of shearing Margaret in the front lawn when they stopped by.  (You know you live in the country when you shear sheep in your front yard.)  They loved the lambs but did not love the sheep poop.  You should have seen them trying to tip-toe around every little poop pellet on the ground.  Too funny.  I brought the bunny outside for them to see too.  I spilled some of her poop pellets on the floor as I was carrying her cage outside and the boys were totally grossed out.  I said, "We sure do have a lot of poop at our house don't we?"

So that was our weekend in a nutshell.  Oh, and Joey caught his sister's cold.  Thanks Marta.  

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