Thursday, March 10, 2011

That Kind of Day...

It's been one of those mornings...I don't know how it happened, I woke up at my usual time, let the dog out, fed her breakfast, took a shower, got dressed, fed the bunny, made up some left-overs for lunch and then went out to feed and water the chickens and check on the sheep.  Somehow I took a longer time than I thought cleaning the chicken's watering jug and filling their feeder, I looked at my watch and I was running late for work!  So I hastily put the watering jug back into the chicken yard (very carefully, because all 3 chickens and the 2 ducks can tell you are coming in the door and congregate around it.)  I have to open and shut the door and hop in with a 20 lb. jug of water very quickly otherwise Georgia the chicken will hop out faster than you can say "scrambled eggs" and then you have to chase her around the yard and pick her up and throw her back in the door without letting anyone else jump out.  After the chicken commotion, I ran into the house, took off my muddy boots, and realized both of my pants legs were streaked with mud (and who knows what else...)  But seeing as I was running late, I decided to rinse the mud off with a wet washcloth rather than run through the house looking for another pair of clean jeans. 

Our clothing has been hard to find lately because it seems that in cleaning our house in order to sell it, I have found some interesting places to stash laundry.  Joey has to wear khakis and a button-up John Deere shirt with his name on it to work everyday.  He has six of these shirts and the other day he could not find a single one, which resulted in him waking me up waaay before I was ready and me digging through 3 closets, 1 dresser, and 2 laundry baskets before we found one.  I could have sworn that I just washed and folded a couple (but considering there are 6, it seems I am always washing and folding them.)  Last night he asked me if I knew where any of his khaki pants were and told me he had been wearing the same pair for the last week.  I knew I had seen another pair somewhere!  At the time he asked me, I was looked for a pair of socks under the bed (they won't all fit in the dresser so I keep the rest in a suitcase under the bed so I don't have to go upstairs (where the rest of my clothes are) just to get some socks.  And then I pulled out a tote box next to my sock-suitcase and there were 3 John Deere shirts and 2 khaki pants!  You don't even want to look in our coat closet right now, it is stuffed to the brim with boxes and wedding presents and who knows what.

So back to this morning.  Now I had big wet spots on my jeans and had to be at work in 10 minutes.  So I wished the dog Happy Birthday (she's four today) and left for work.  Turns out I left my lunch on the kitchen table.  Fortunately, things at the library have been a little less frenzied.  Tonight should be interesting, however.  I just got a call from the realtor who is selling our house and she said, "You're never gonna guess who wants to look at your house."  Turns out it's the girl who was renting the house from the lady we bought it from and who had to move out when we bought it.  Now, when we were looking at the house we had weird feelings about her (she was there both times we walked through the house.)  And Joey had a dream a couple weeks ago that we were looking at a new house to buy and she was renting that one too and was really mad that we made her move again!  So I am wondering if she saw the for sale sign and just wants to see what we've done to the place or if she's actually interested.  We'll see. So, I will rush home after work and clean up a few things because they are coming at 6:30 to look at it.  I guess I will take Daisy for a long walk for her birthday while they are in the house.  What a crazy day.
Me at work.  At least I can count on the library being quiet!

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  1. well, the library was quiet until I had a four year old climbing inside the magazine shelves...