Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Room With a View

Doing the dishes isn't all that bad if you have a good view from your kitchen window.  
Such as this:

Phyllis, Dorothy, and Susan resting after a long day of eating grass.
I was just washing the dishes that I made from making dinner (a new enchilada recipe with sour cream and cream cheese) and I looked out the window behind my sink upon this pastoral scene.  On one side of the fenced pasture are all the ewes.  On the other is Dodge, the ram  who is very lonely without his girlfriends.  He spends his day as close as possible to the fence that separates him from his ladies.  He has spent the entire winter with them, but as we are expecting lambs soon, Joey thought we should separate him from the girls and the babies.  Dodge is the sweetest thing (unlike some rams who get ornery and will knock you down) but we don't know what will happen when the lambs come and we want to make sure they are safe.  On the outside of the pasture, there are three deer contentedly grazing in the field where we grew sweet corn last summer.  There's nothing like country living.  I'm so glad that it is still light out when I get home from work now.  Pretty soon everything will be green!  

Look how huge Phyllis is.  It's gotta be any day now...

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  1. I should have known when she separated herself from the rest of ewes yesterday that she was getting ready to have her baby the next morning!