Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No lambs yet...

Any day now we should have a lamb.  In January, we bought a bred ewe (a pregnant female sheep) from a farmer who shows sheep and also writes a sheep magazine.  We heard through the sheep grapevine that he had 60 lambs last week so we thought it was time for our ewe to deliver hers.  We talked to Greg (the sheep guy) last night and he said that was only half of his sheep and the rest should lamb this week.  We have been like anxious new parents the last couple weeks.  We have read all the books about everything that could go wrong and have had our lambing kit packed and ready on the back porch for weeks.  It includes everything from an old towel to long plastic gloves, iodine for their belly buttons and something to clip their tails.  Poor old Phyllis (our expecting mother), we are practically harassing her a couple times a day to make sure she hasn't gone into labor.  We both work during the day so we can't be there for her, but we always rush back to the sheep barn when we get home to check for lambs.  We think our other four ewes may be pregnant as well from our ram, they may give birth to lambs in the next couple weeks as well.    Every evening, my mom calls with a "lamb check."  She's just as anxious to see them as we are.  We have some city friends visiting us in 2 weeks, maybe they'll get to witness some lambs being born.  Either way, we are very excited for when our new babies arrive and we are hoping that nothing goes wrong with delivery.  I think Joey has visions of being like James Herriot if anything goes wrong, but most likely we'll probably ask the neighbor for help.  Just as long as a don't have to swing a newborn lamb around the barn (I read that if the lamb has fluid stuck in its lungs you have to pick it up and swing it over your head...)  Well, I have to go feed the chickens and ducks but I will leave you with that image of me swinging a lamb around the barn!
snowy sheep

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