Thursday, March 24, 2011

Multiplying Sheep

Has anyone noticed my "about me" keeps changing?!  I have to keep updating the number of sheep we are raising!  It started at 6, then 7, now 11!  Here's the breakdown of our entire flock:

Dodge (Merino ram) 
Molly (Merino ewe) - 1 ewe lamb (Grace)
Margaret (Merino ewe) - 1 ewe lamb and 1 ram lamb (Maggie)
Dorothy (Merino ewe)
Susan (Merino ewe) - 1 ram lamb
Phyllis (Border Leicester ewe) - 1 ram lamb (Patrick)

The two extra ram lambs haven't been named yet because we don't know if we can keep all of the rams.  We don't want to name any of the sheep we can't keep because then it will be too sad to get rid of them.  However, we already have a merino ram and now we have a border leicester ram so we don't know what to do with the 2 extra merino rams.  We know that we don't want anyone to eat them, so maybe someone will take them for wool production or for breeding stock.  Anyway, we will try to figure something out for our first lambs, but we also have to be realistic farmers as well and ewes are more valuable than rams because they have the lambs.  We only needed one ram make all of our lambs (except Patrick because Phyllis came from another farm.)  But, I have names in mind for the two boys just in case we keep them!

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