Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Sheep and Visitors

Sorry it has been so long (almost a week!)  Joey and I have been super busy the last week with lambs, visitors, offers on our house and just about everything in between.  So here's a quick overview to catch you up to today:

1. Our friends Ashley and Steve came to visit for the weekend.  We had a great time with them.  We ate cinnamon rolls and popcorn and watched movies and played with the sheep.  We had lunch at the 50's diner Slaw Dawgs and all went home smelling like french fries.  On Saturday night we bowled at Mercer's, the local bar/bowling establishment owned by our friend's parents.  We were the only ones bowling so we had a lot of fun.  Oh, and I made a lasagna and burnt all the cheese on top.  Sorry.

2. Our last ewe, Dorothy, had her lamb sometime on Friday night/Saturday morning.  Ashley and Steve missed the birth since we were all sleeping, but they got to witness the umbilical cord cutting (I feel like I've written an awful lot about umbilical cords lately...)  It is another girl.  Ashley named her Scarlett.  She is also very cute.

3.  After Ashley and Steve left Sunday morning, Joey's parents arrived around noon to spend the day with us.  We looked at the sheep and took a few pictures holding them and went out for lunch in Macomb.  They brought us a wedding present that Joey's Aunt Kathy was having a hard time finding a box to mail in (a two-tiered cupcake stand with beads and crystals, i.e. not really Joey's style) and a deer head that Joey had stuffed (not really my style.) 

4. The old renter and her husband made an offer on our house.  It was contigent on the sale of their house (which wasn't on the market yet), they hadn't talked to a bank about a loan, and it was way too low for us to accept.  Also, she claims that the basement floods, which in our knowledge, it has never flooded in the year we have owned it.  So we made a counter offer and told them not to come back without talking to a bank.  They made an offer for $2,000 more and requested that the next time it rains that they come over and check out our basement.  We said no to both.  Don't even get me started on how bizarre this whole situation is.  How many people sell their house to someone who has already lived in it before you?  And then there is the fact that everyone knows everyone in our town (or is related) and have their opinion about who buys our house. Yikes.

5. Joey's sister Marta is coming to visit tonight.  She is taking the train out tonight and leaving Friday morning because she is on her spring break and wants to visit the sheep (no one cares about visiting us really, it's all about the lambs.)  I can't miss anymore work after last week, so she's going to have to hang out by herself for most of the day tomorrow.

6. Our wedding pictures are ready!  The photographer posted them to her website She is going to send us all the photos on a CD-there are 1134 photos!  And then from the CD we can print as many as we want as well as save them on our computers.  I am going to make a few photobooks online when I get the CD from her.  I can't wait!  Now we can fill those frames we got as wedding presents!

Ok, so that wasn't exactly a quick overview of the last couple days but now you're caught up on our crazy busy life right now. 

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