Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Lovely Surprise

Sorry it's been a few days, we've been up to our ears in lambing, visitors, and meeting with our realtor (more on that later).  But we awoke this morning to a wonderful surprise.  Molly, our favorite ewe, had a baby girl!  This was a surprise to us because we were pretty sure that either she wasn't pregnant or if she was, she would deliver in a few weeks because she just did not look big at all.  But Joey found her this morning in the barn, happy and healthy.  He had to leave for work so I got up and went to check out the new baby and take care of her cord and her nutri-drench.  She is beautiful, just like the rest.  I named her Grace.  I spent most of the morning before I had to leave for work out in the barn, which has become "the maternity ward."  I had to move the fencing around inside the barn again so that all the moms and babies have their own little area.  I moved Margaret and the twins over so that Molly and Grace could be under the heat lamp.  And then I created another section out of the area where Dodge could come in so that Phyllis, Patrick and Dorothy could come and go from the field since the weather has cooled again.  I guess that week of lovely 70 degree weather was just a little teaser because now we are back to 35 degrees again.  We just want to keep our lambies warm!  Dodge is the only one who can't get in the barn now.  Sorry Dodge, but you are very wooly so I'm sure you're warm enough!  Even Patrick doesn't seem to mind the change in the weather too much.  He was practically jumping from one end of the field to the other this morning.  Leaping and frolicking and loving life.  I swear, watching a week-old lamb gleefully run around is great therapy for the soul. 

So Dorothy is the only girl left now to have a baby.  At the rate we're going of one-a-day, Dorothy could go into labor any minute now.  Maybe we'll have another overnight miracle birth.  You shut 9 sheep up in the barn at night and in the morning, there's 10 sheep in the barn!  Magic!  We have friends coming to visit tomorrow so maybe they can witness the last birth on our little farm.  You never know what is going to happen with these sheep.  We've made it through the lack of sleep, the unmentionable amount of afterbirth, and feeling around underneath unwilling sheep, and at the end of the day we have 5 little lambs, with another on the way.  We feel pretty accomplished.  Life is good when you are a shepherd.

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