Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood

Some neighbors ask to borrow a cup of sugar.  Ours called last night to borrow a cardboard box big enough to put a lamb in overnight.  So, the good neighbors that we are (we wanted to see the baby lamb) took the china dishes we got as a wedding present out of the cardboard box and walked over with it to lend a helping hand.  The little guy was rambling around their kitchen on legs that were way too big for his body, curious about the cats that were sniffing him and tripping over the big black lab.  He went under the table and got tangled up in a pile of shoes and walked out with a coat hanger over his head.  He was quite a little character.  When we put him in his box so he couldn't get into more trouble, the cardboard was too slippery for his little hooves and his back legs keep sliding farther and farther out from under him until our neighbor put an old towel in with him.  He was so cute, how could his mother not want him?

Still no word on our own lambs.  Hopefully none of our ewes will orphan their lambs since bottle-fed lambs have to be fed every four hours and they like to get into trouble in the house.
Can't wait for our yard to look like this again!  Come on spring!

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