Saturday, March 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home?

Well, our house has been on the market for exactly one week now and we've had two different couples look at it.  We know that the couple on Thursday was the old renter and her husband (and after some sneaky facebook spying I saw she posted on her wall that she actually is interested in the house, not just the  changes we've made.) And then yesterday morning, another realtor from the Re/Max office called and asked if she could show the house this morning at 10 am.  Neither Joey or I were home this morning so we said that would be fine.  We haven't met the realtor who showed our house today, but no joke, her name is Thelma Smiddy.  Doesn't that seem like a name that could only be made up?  Our realtor's name is Becky Peabody.  They sound like they belong in the game CLUE.  Maybe the Re/Max Office is just a cover for something more devious...  Anyway, we don't know anything about these mystery home-buyers...hopefully they liked what they saw.  We had to leave Daisy at home (I am at my parents' for the weekend and Joey is at a thing with the volunteer fire fighters) so hopefully she didn't jump on the strangers and Thelma too much.  (I'm sure she did a little, she can't help it.)  And hopefully she resisted the urge to toss all the pillows from the couches onto the floor until after they looked around (I doubt it.)  So who knows...maybe our house will sell faster than we thought.  Especially with spring on it's way.  Hopefully Phyllis and the Girls will pop out their lambs soon and then the potential buyers will be drawn in by their cuteness and won't be able to resist buying the house with the lambs.

So where will we live if we sell our house?  We just put a bid on a house yesterday that's contingent upon selling our house.  It has 9 acres for the sheep, but it is not exactly the white farmhouse/red barn kinda place.  First of all, the house is on a hill, surrounded by pine trees and has a pond in the back.  And the house was built in you can pretty much guess what it looks like.  But it has kind of a fun retro vibe to it.  Joey and I were both standing on the back patio looking down at the "flower beds" that were just full of those black lava rocks and I said, "this place reminds me of my Grandma's house," just as he was saying, "this place reminds me of my Yia Yia's house."  So maybe we have sentimental feelings about the 60's accents.  It needs some work, but it is structurally sound and has nice wood floors and 2 fireplaces, a screened porch, and a pool!  Oh, and for some reason, there is a pass-through cabinet that connects the kitchen with the bathroom.  So basically you could stand in the kitchen and shake hands with someone sitting on the toilet.  Or serve them food???  So maybe this could be the next Parrillo house?  We'll see, nothing is for-sure yet, but we are starting to imagine ourselves floating in the pool and counting the sheep on the hillside and watching the ducks swim around the pond.  Plus, who could resist the idea of having your own ice skating pond in the winter?!

The ducks would approve 

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