Wednesday, March 9, 2011


There are so many exciting and new things going on in our lives right now.  Although Phyllis and the other girls have yet to lamb as of this morning, we have had news to expect a different kind of baby lamb today.  My favorite cousin is having her first baby today.  It is the first great-grandbaby in my family and it's a girl!  We can't wait to meet little Molly!

Besides expecting new lambs, Joey and I are hoping to find a new house with some acreage for our flock.  Joey started a new job with John Deere a couple months ago but he is currently commuting an hour and 10 minutes.  So even though we have owned our home in Vermont less than a year, we are looking for somewhere halfway between the library in Astoria and Joey's job near Jacksonville, IL.  Unfortunately, nothing has met our expectations and requirements yet. We want something that has a couple acres for our sheep, a barn or an outbuilding, has 3-4 bedrooms and is somewhat charming.  We are still dreaming of a little white farmhouse on rolling acreage with a red barn and pond and an orchard.'s our dream anyway.  We put our house on the market last weekend, so we'll see what happens.  We have a feeling that property doesn't move too quickly in the area where we live so we worry about selling our house.  I also worry that it will sell faster than we find a place we like, and more importantly, that we can afford.

So keep your fingers crossed.  Hopefully the sheep will catch on soon that its time to have babies, Molly won't give her Mommy any trouble, and we find The House That Dreams Are Made Of (or something close to it!)

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