Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snowy Weekend

Last weekend was the first big snow of the year.  Joey was away hunting pheasant and ducks with his brother and friend so when Levi and I awoke to a winter wonderland I couldn't resist bundling him up for a few pictures of his first snow.  

My mom found this charming little wooden sled at a yard sale.  Even with his too-big fleece suit on Levi didn't quite weigh enough to weigh it down in the fresh snow so it did not pull very well.  I tried to pull him over to see the chickens, but was afraid he'd topple out since it was not as smooth a ride as I anticipated.  So I just took a lot of pictures instead.  

He didn't cry, but did seem to be a little confused/indignant that he could not find his hands within the sleeves of his snow suit.  I'm sure he will be able to enjoy his little sleigh for a couple more years.  And then in a few more years he'll probably want a slick plastic sled so he can launch himself off snow ramps and crash into trees.  Hopefully he did not inherit his father's propensity for hospital visits.

The classic "why are you doing this to me, mom?" look...

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