Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Still Waiting

This may be the only time that my life is running parallel to that of a princess.

Just like the British royals, we are still anxiously waiting on baby.  And by 'we' I mean every person that comes to the library, all the ladies at my bank, everyone at the gas station, pretty much the entire population of the two small communities where we work and live.  Oh, and our parents, siblings, and friends.

Tomorrow is my official due date.  July 18 has been a long time coming from last November when we first discovered we were expecting this little one.  40 weeks is a long time.  And we are more than ready.

For a few weeks now I have been bombarded with questions and comments from every single person that comes to the library, bags my groceries, stands next to me, or is within a 30 foot radius of me (not quite, but it feels that way.)  I have heard many reiterations of "you're still here?" when people see me working at the library.

The other two librarians filled the schedule this week in case I went early but I haven't left for maternity leave yet.  I am in a weird spot where I don't want to be at work because I am sick of talking to people about still being pregnant, but when I am at home by myself I go a little stir-crazy just waiting around.  I like when my husband comes home from work and I can have a normal conversation that has nothing to do with being pregnant and be treated like an actual person, not just a pregnant belly walking around.  I am tired of strangers telling me what I need to do with my husband in order to start labor and inquiring about the state of my cervix.

I'm sure the news of our little one's arrival will spread quickly in this community.  While I don't have any paparazzi hounding me like Princess Kate, I've got small town gossip mongers.  Hopefully the next time I post will be with a birth announcement!  Now I've got to go on a long walk.

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