Sunday, June 30, 2013

A new boy on the farm

We're still waiting on the arrival of our baby boy...19 days until my due date!  

However, we do have a new boy on our farm.  A couple weeks ago, my dad picked up a new ram lamb for us from the farm where our original five merinos came from in northern Illinois.  Since the farm is about 4 hours from our house and Joey didn't want to leave me in case I went into labor early, my dad was able to borrow a large crate to pick him up in.  He had to spend the night in my parents garage in the suburbs before making the trip down to our little farm! 

He may look a little different from the rest of our merinos, but he is a merino as well, just with different wool coloring.  We are so excited to shear him next season and see how his fleece spins up!  He was born this spring so he is not ready to breed yet, but I cannot wait to see what his offspring will look like!

He is happily grazing with our ewes and lambs on pasture and is adjusting well to life on our farm.  The only problem is that we still have not come up with a name for him yet.  I think we are having a harder time finding a name for this sheep than we did coming up with baby names!  Any suggestions for our new ram's name?  My parents were calling him cocoa puff...

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  1. I'm glad to hear you are still doing well. Those last few weeks of pregnancy can be a little draining.

    I must admit, I think your parents came up with a cute name, tho your lamb might not agree. :-)