Monday, April 15, 2013

Taking it easy

On Friday, I over-did it.  I lugged one too many loaded laundry baskets and by the time I got to work Friday afternoon, my back hurt so bad it was painful just to walk.  I limped around the rest of the evening and went to bed early with a heating pad instead of meeting some friends.  It was a rude awakening that at 26 weeks pregnant, I cannot do the things I am used to getting done.  I didn't have the energy to get anything done during my first trimester, and now that I am almost finished with the second trimester I have the desire to get work done around the house, but my body does not agree!  Over the past couple days I have been trying to convince myself to take it easy, something I have a hard time with, as I am used to doing things myself.

Saturday morning, my back felt immensely better than the night before.  Joey went to the neighbor's to shear a few more of his sheep and I took a drive through the country to the vet's office to pick up some sheep dewormer they made up for us.  Of course, only in the country can you drive miles down a road before a sign says that a bridge is out and you have to turn around and backtrack completely before you come across another road to get you where you are going.  Despite an extra 15 minute delay I was able to make it to the bakery before all the donuts were gone.  I had to stop there before the vet to make sure I could get one with toasted coconut on top!

After I got home (and I ate my donut on the way), Joey and I drove twenty minutes in the other direction to meet my cousin and his girlfriend for lunch.  Even though they live about twenty-five minutes from us, we are all so busy with work that we don't get together as much as we would like.

Later that evening, we drove back to the city to support our friend Josh's work fundraiser, which was a night of local bands playing to raise money against rape and domestic abuse.  It was a lot of driving in one day, but worth it to see friends that we haven't seen in a while.

After getting home late Saturday night, I was ready to relax on Sunday. Although when Joey went out to the hardware store, I couldn't stop myself from sweeping and vacuuming the floors and I got reprimanded from Joey when he found out I moved the heavy ottoman to vacuum.  Maybe my nesting instincts are kicking in, but I just couldn't stand the dog fur rolling around in the corners.  Also, I am getting really good at staying on top of loading and un-loading the dishwasher.  I can't do anything about the upstairs getting finished so I have to satisfy my nesting instinct with cleaning, and unfortunately my back is starting to limit a lot of that as well.

Luckily, the weather was warm and sunny so I stationed myself in a chair outside with my book and some knitting and spent most of my afternoon watching sheep and enjoying the warm breezes.  Joey starting shearing some of our sheep and some friends stopped by on a walk.  Just as we were about to eat a little lasagna, we were invited to a small cookout.  So we walked to our friend Matt's with Jip on the leash and enjoyed some food on the grill with our group of friends.  When we walked home, I stopped in the convenience store and bought an ice cream sandwich for myself and an ice cream cone for Joey.  As we walked home eating our ice cream, we both agreed that it was lucky that we found such good friends since moving here.  It was a good end to a good weekend, and now on to a rainy week at work!

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