Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Busy Harvest Season

It's been a busy harvest season, it's time to catch-up!  

Let's go back to the last weekend of September.  My dad and sister came for a visit, we borrowed a friend's trailer, made a big pot of vegetarian chili, chocolate chip cookies, and a bonfire pile, and invited some friends over to help us pick our acre of pumpkins.

My sweet friend, Anna.  She had her own little pumpkin the next weekend, a beautiful baby boy.  My new friend Jess is in pink.  This is the second time we've had her and her husband over.  The first time we had a make-your-own pizza party.  Apparently you can't come over to our house without being put to work, and being 8 1/2 months pregnant won't get you out of it.   

Anna's son, Noah.  He's Joey's buddy.  He dressed up as Joey for Halloween.

My Dad on the tractor.  

My sister is a prairie farm girl.  She picks pumpkins in style.

Watch out for flying pumpkins!

Pumpkin crew minus my cousin and his girlfriend, who had to leave early (and missed out on delicious chili and cornbread served with my dad's honey and our friends' homemade goat cheese.)

This pile was maybe about 1/3 of all the pumpkins we picked.  The field is still dotted with orange pumpkins a week after Halloween.  I definitely think we grew too many.  And I definitely worked on my upper body strength this fall moving pumpkins from field to wheelbarrow to truck to farmer's markets.


  1. oh how i miss pumpkin patches. sign me up to help next year! :)

  2. Will do, Kristen! That would be so much fun! Stay warm this winter!