Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Farmer's Market

Two Saturdays ago, Joey and I brought some of our garden produce to the local farmer's market.  We borrowed a pop-up sun tent from a friend and set up two folding tables on the town square, in front of the courthouse.  

I picked vegetables before work on Friday morning and then Joey washed them in the kitchen sink on Friday night.  We set our alarm for 5:30 am Saturday morning and Joey had to practically drag me from under the covers... (not a morning person).  I picked some zinnias, he fed the sheep, and we loaded the car up to make it to the market by 7 am.

We had never taken produce to the farmer's market before, so we had no idea how to set prices.  So we told people to pay what they thought it was worth.  This idea kinda freaked some people out.  But others thought it was reasonable.  Some just asked us to name a price and some thought it was an interesting idea.  I read about a restaurant that didn't set any prices.  You get the occasional cheap-skate but most people were more than fair.

We didn't have as much as the bigger farmers who go twice a week, but we made up for it in presentation.

Those carrots were snatched up right away.  They were beauties.  The cherry and lemon drop tomatoes sold out too.

We even brought some of our wool and got into an interesting conversation with a hand-spinner from Scotland.  She and a few other spinners in her Scottish village bring their spinning wheels to the pub.  How quaint does that sound?  She bought the orange wool roving on the left.  And a few people took the new cards I made to advertise our wool!

My cousin and his girlfriend (and their puppy!) met us at the market and we went to celebrate our first market day with Mexican food!  Yes, those enchiladas cut into the profits, but it was so worth it after getting up at 5:30 am and sitting at the market until 1 pm!

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