Thursday, June 21, 2012

No rain, new car?

Rain clouds all morning and no rain.  The guy on the radio this morning reported that skies would become clearer and clearer as the day progressed, as if that was a good thing.  Maybe if you were trying to get a tan. Not if you're trying to feed 13 sheep on a dried up pasture.  Or have an acre of pumpkin seeds that haven't sprouted.  We need a summer storm.

In other news, I'm looking around at used cars right now.  And I hate to do it.  And I can't seem to find a good mechanic.  And I just want a reliable car that will work when it rains and can haul 2 dogs and 50 lb. bags of chicken feed and gets good highway gas mileage.  Am I asking for too much?

And I kind of have a deadline.  Joey and I are taking a trip up to my parent's beach cottage on Lake Superior on July 12.  The trip is more than 500 miles from our house and takes about 12 hours.  And I don't think either one of our cars can make the trip.  So is it worth it to put $2,000 in repairs into my car that is paid off?  Or should I get a new car payment but save money with better gas mileage in a newer car?

Decisions, decisions...

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