Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Woodpile Part II

Last Friday evening, when Joey and I got home from work, the cat in the woodpile was still there.  She had drank all of the water I had set out for her in the morning, but she hadn't moved.  I asked Joey to start pulling the woodpile apart to see if she was stuck.

After pulling some wood aside, we could see that she had somehow tangled herself in some mesh chicken netting that had been sitting on top of the pile.  So Joey put on his work gloves and I got some scissors.  The cat was pretty scared and was hissing at Joey.  It didn't look sick or injured, just mad that it was stuck.  So I grabbed a towel and some oven mitts and Joey was able to wrap her in the towel so she couldn't move (or bite him) while he cut the mesh she had tangled herself in.  Once she was wrapped in the towel and Joey was cutting her free, I think she realized we were trying to help and became more calm.  After cutting the last of the mesh, he looked her over to check for injuries and then let her go.  She ran without looking back.

I saw her this weekend, sitting in a neighbor's front yard with some other cats, looking perfectly happy.  We felt good that we were able to rescue her, but guilty that she had got caught in mesh we had thrown on our woodpile.  We never thought about anything getting stuck in it.  It is now in the garage.  We don't want to repeat that experience again.

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  1. Glad you were able to do the right thing!