Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sleeping in the hen house

Actually, it was a raccoon.  Joey just came home from work and found him sleeping in the hen's nesting box inside the coop.  Luckily, the last two hens are still o.k.

I just talked to a woman in the library whose sister lost 27 chickens to raccoons.  I texted Joey and he said he heard the same story at the hardware store.

I thought summer was the season of bounty and coons should have no reason to be hungry.  But apparently the drought has prevented the berries that raccoons eat from growing.  And raccoons have been in everyone's garbage, gardens, and hen houses.  The other day, Joey opened the garage door and one the size of Jip, our australian shepherd, stumbled out.

You know how in movies, whenever something sad happens, it rains?  Well today it poured.  So hopefully the sheep pasture will start growing, the sweet corn will rise above the weeds, and the raccoons will stop eating my chickens.

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