Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Preschoolers in the library

Oh my, is there anything cuter than a class of preschoolers?  Yes, preschoolers in rain boots.

I just had a class of 17 preschool students in the library for a field trip and they totally made me melt.  One of the things I start my field trip presentations with is the question, "What else can you find in this library besides books?"

And the answers I got from the preschoolers today were, "Books," "You can read books," and "I want to go home and see my mama."  So I guess that question was a little too much for them.  But they were pretty happy when I showed them where to find the Curious George and Thomas the Tank Engine books.

They got excited when I showed them all the dinosaur books, told them stories about a dog running loose in the library and about the person who dropped a library book in the toilet (which has become a good teaching experience) and talked about all the things you shouldn't put in the book drop box.

So even though it has rained for 3 days straight and my car is not working (because of the rain...gotta take it in and see what's going on), there's nothing that can bring a little sunshine to your day like 30 minutes with four-year-olds in little rain boots.

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  1. I loved it when it was my turn to be "helping Mom" when my kids were in preschool (over twenty years ago!) Kids that age are so much fun.

    Do you ever have video days for them? My kids and I discovered Ralph the Mouse and Corduroy by going to their free preschool age video hours. We loved going to the library for the special preschool programs. It helped them fall in love with libraries and helped cement my love even more.

    Thanks for the memories!