Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monday, Tuesday

Yesterday was a total Monday.  Overflowing book drop box.  Stuck my hand in and was covered in peanut butter.  What did I say about eating and library books, kids?!

Dropped my car off at the Ford dealership Sunday night, still have not heard anything.  Sounds like another week without a car.  And getting up early to drive Joey to work.

Electrical work going on at my house.  New floors at the library.  Summer Reading Program preparations still underway.  "Reading is So Delicious!"  I've pulled out every children's book that has food, cooking, and eating and hung a giant pizza cut-out.  It makes me hungry to look at it.

Joey prepared all the wool for washing last weekend.  Now we just have to get started washing, drying, picking, carding, and labeling to get it ready for sale.  We are going to try playing around with some dyes for the wool that is not perfectly white.  I actually read about dyeing with Kool-Aid so we bought some packets last night at the market.  Should be fun...and smell good too.  At least better than the wet sheep smell that will be soaking in my bathtub.

Looks like another busy week...the kids out here are out of school and in the library now!

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  1. As a handknitter who has dyed a lot of yarn, I love the smell of wet wool!