Monday, April 9, 2012

More lambs

I was lost in a mix of lambing, home improvement, and socializing this weekend.

Susan finally had her lamb, a little girl.  She was born by the light of a full moon around 10:30 pm Thursday night.  Her name is Luna.  And she is the fluffiest lamb we have had yet.

I spent Friday morning running errands and then started painting a bedroom upstairs that we are hoping to move into this week (it's only been two years since we bought the house...)  When we first moved in and ripped out all the orange shag carpet, I painted the room a light green.  Then we went to put our new queen mattress and box spring upstairs and it wouldn't fit up the stairs.  So we've been living in the downstairs office for 2 years now.  

Now that the weather is warmer we've gotten some fire under us again to continue working on the house and I decided to repaint that room and figure out how to get our bed up there.  Many coats of linen white paint later, the room is looking bigger and lighter.  And instead of putting carpet upstairs as we originally talked about...we painted the wood floor!  Dusty jeans blue!  And Joey actually picked out the paint color!  And I love it!  Too many exclamations?  I forgot to take a before photo of the empty green room, but I may have one way back when we bought the house.  I can't wait to show some afters later this week.  I'll have to let you know how we actually get the box spring up the may be cut in half.

After spending most of Saturday morning and afternoon painting, we went to the barn to find that Molly had had a boy lamb, a tiny little thing.  

Molly's little lamb, napping this morning
Sunday, we were invited to Easter services and brunch by Joey's friend from work and spent the afternoon watching his nieces and nephews play with bubbles and search for Easter eggs.  For dinner, we had morel mushrooms at a friend's house and sat on their front porch until the sun set.  It was a good end to the weekend, and a perfect day for me because I didn't have to cook or clean up after a single meal.  

Here's some more lamb photos:

Look at those wrinkles!

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