Thursday, April 12, 2012

Farmer's Wife

The days are getting longer, the increasing sun is warming our rich Illinois soil and with impending rain this weekend, the planting season is upon us.  And so my life as a farmer's wife begins to feel more pronounced again.  Early to rise and late home from the fields.

Coming home to two hungry dogs in the evening, gathering the eggs, watering the sheep.  Making dinner, eating alone, and calling Joey to see if I should keep his dinner in the warm oven or if I should put it in the fridge for him to heat up later.  Waiting for the rumble of a diesel engine to pull into the driveway.

And then after the busy rush of getting seeds in the ground, waiting for rain, and seedlings to form, the life of a farmer slows down a little.  Not that he's just sitting around watching corn grow.  But he's home before dark again.  And I can spend less time talking to the dogs.

Joey called earlier today to tell me he probably won't be home until after the sun sets tonight; he's delivering seed to the tractors in the fields today.  Now that crop insurance has kicked in, they are on a mad dash to plant before this weekend's rains.  I hope he doesn't have to work Saturday.

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