Thursday, April 26, 2012

Animal Encounters at the Library

What a week.

So far this week I've had 50 third graders, 22 second graders, 21 first graders, and 2 frogs visit the library.

Yes, I am currently "holding" 2 african frogs on my desk as I type.  Usually, if someone comes in to use the computer and they have a drink with them, they can have me hold it at the circulation desk for them so they don't spill it on the computers.  Just now, two teenage girls came in to go on Facebook, one with a 32-oz fountain soda and one with a small aquarium with two frogs in it.  They first girl asked, "can you hold my drink up here?" and the second asked, "can you hold my frogs?"  I guess she is bringing them home from showing them to her class at school and didn't want to leave them outside to heat up in the sun.

So now I've had a loose dog in the library on Halloween, the naturalist that gave a presentation for our summer reading program last year brought in a corn snake and a tarantula, and now we have two frogs to add to our "live animals in the library tally."  What's next?!

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