Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, Monday

Really, Monday, really?

Yes, it's another one of those complaining-about-my-crazy morning posts.

Jip ran out to the very back of our muddy cornfield today and wouldn't come back for half an hour (no matter how much I yelled his name...)

After I was already leaving late for work, I got in my car and my engine started shaking and lurching.  I figured it might have been because it had rained and I hadn't driven my car all weekend so I started to drive to work.  After driving a couple blocks with lurkiness, I decided I didn't want to get stuck on a country road in the middle of the ten miles between my house and work, so I turned around and went home.

I called one of the other librarians to see if she could open the library for me and then called Joey like the damsel-in-distress I so very often am.  He was able to leave work and pick me up to drop me at the library.

Once I was finally at work I realized that I forgot we were having a board meeting tonight.  At least I had already done all the preparations for it last week...

So Joey will have to pick me up after my board meeting is over.  Hopefully there is nothing seriously wrong with my car.

At least it is sunny and warm outside...even if I can't go outside to enjoy it.

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