Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting warmer

I can't believe this weather!  It's 80 degrees F in western Illinois in the middle of March...kinda freaks me out about global warming and those stupid 2012 end-of-the-world predictions.  But I guess if it is the end of the world, I may as well enjoy the weather while I can.  Which means I have the window open behind my desk at the library.

Somehow, I missed marking my one year anniversary of writing this little blog!  I can't believe it's been that long! The only thing that reminded me was that my first posts were about waiting for our first lambs to be born and here we are again, preparing for the arrival of spring lambs.  (At least they'll have warmer weather than last year's lambs.)

In other news, we celebrated Daisy's (the black lab) 5th birthday on Saturday.  She got to go on an extra long W-A-L-K and even her little brother Jip tagged along and did o.k. on a leash.  We started turning over the garden this weekend (with a shovel because we're too poor to buy a rototiller.)  Also, after we spread some scratch grains on the soil, the chickens helped out a bit digging in the garden.  The seeds we started a few weeks ago are starting to sprout under our grow lights and I am hoping to get time to plant my peas and spinach soon.

I still don't know what was up with my car earlier this week.  Last night I was going to drop it off at the Ford dealership and when I got in and turned it on in the driveway, the check-engine-light didn't light up so I drove it around and it seemed fine.  But here's the bad news: when I pulled into the driveway after work yesterday, I noticed that my windshield is starting to crack!  I have gotten a couple little dings from rocks flying up on the country roads and now I have a 10-12 inch crack...My mom paid off the rest of my car loan for my birthday last month and now it's decided to fall apart!

So that's the latest in my life.  I'm going home this weekend (on the train) to try on bridesmaid dresses for my friend Jordan's wedding and hopefully get some time to catch up with my far-away friends.  I need a little girlfriend time right about now!

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  1. Man, sorry to hear about the car falling apart! Our cars just seem to be targets for people to hit- we've each been hit twice and my windshield also cracked! Jeez.

    In other news, I'm SUPER excited to see you in just two days!!!