Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Lawn Buddy

Look what Joey got for my birthday!  When we got home from dinner last night this was wrapped in Christmas paper on my dining room table!

I can't wait to break out my pleated khaki shorts and my loafers and fill this bad boy up with all my gardening tools.  Not many wives would be excited about a birthday present bought at the hardware store.  But I'm actually pretty excited about this little cart.  So excited that I actually cruised around on our wood floors last in pushed off the wall and threw my whole body on it as it careened across the room.  The dogs didn't like it.

So yeah, I spent my 25th birthday crashing into the couch pretending this thing was a skateboard.  At least I didn't crash into Daisy's water bowl and flood the dining room like some people I know...24 year-olds, yeesh.

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