Friday, February 24, 2012

Guess Who?

Guess who got her boots stuck in the mud and stepped into a muddy creek in her socks yesterday...5 minutes before leaving for work?

You guessed it: this girl.

Guess which dog ran away across aforementioned muddy creek and then sat on the muddy hillside pretending he was stuck and couldn't move?

You guessed it: Jip.

Guess who went to work without knowing there was mud splattered all over the back of her jeans?

Me again.

We need a fence.

P.S. Guess who also watched a magic show for preschoolers in the elementary school cafeteria and then was asked to make a presentation about the summer reading program at the public library (in which I had to say that we weren't having the magician, in front of the magician) and they made me talk on a microphone.  And I thought I was just asked to be there to sit at a table and sign kids up for library cards and hand out bookmarks.  Has anyone else ever had to talk to a crowd on a microphone with absolutely no preparation?  Those preschoolers were terrifying.


  1. lol about the microphone and at least it was mud?

  2. Sorry, but I had to giggle when I read, "Those preschoolers were terrifying." It's amazing how a roomful of munchkins staring at you can make a person nervous, isn't it? Hopefully they warn you next time so you can have yourself emotionally prepared. :-)