Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Bring on the chocolate cake!  It's my birthday!

enjoying the wonders of chocolate frosting at an early age 

Actually, since I figured it was lame to bake my own birthday cake this morning (all right, I didn't bake one because I didn't have a can of frosting), I bought some M&M cookies last night from the bakery.

And since it's a Wednesday night and I live in the middle of nowhere, all we're doing to celebrate tonight is going to a Mexican restaurant.  Enchiladas...drooling at my desk.

The real celebration will be with family this weekend at home.  We're going home to celebrate Joey's dad's retirement and eat at a delicious Greek restaurant.  Then we'll celebrate my grandpa's, my dad's, and my birthday on Sunday (yay February babies!) with brunch.  The best part will be my mom's cheesecake. (Can you tell it's 20 minutes until I eat lunch?)

Every year, my mom makes my sister, my dad, and me whatever kind of cake we want for our birthdays.  My sister had pineapple-upside-down cake this year.  Every year I ask for chocolate-chip cheesecake with oreo crust...drooling again.

Both Joey and I are aching to go home and be with family after the rough couple of days we've been having.  There's something about hugging your mom and dad that always makes things better...even when you're 25.

P.S. I am older than Joey for the next 8 days 

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