Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Starting a New Year

New Year's Eve consisted of homemade enchiladas (beloved family recipe), a "Scotch Doubles" bowling tournament, two shots of bailey's and something that made me very sleepy, and cheap champagne in plastic glasses.  Then I spent the first two days of the new year in my pajamas.  Joey spent most of the weekend hunting and I was a homebody.  I read a lot, tried to figure out how to wash all the wool we sheared off our sheep, and cooked.  And watched movies in a tent.

Yes, we are childless adults that set up tents in their living room.  Yes, we have a mortgage, two car payments, and dogs and livestock under our care, but we're not really grown-ups.  Even when we do become grown-up (when is that anyway?)  I hope we will still set up 4-person tents inside the house, play chinese checkers and disney princess UNO, wear our pajamas for two days, and watch TV shows that make us laugh (we watched Spongebob Squarepants while we ate our frozen pizza last night...I told you we weren't adults yet.)

And somehow, after two restful days of never leaving the house, I woke up to go back to work on Tuesday with a cold.  My throat hurts, my head hurts, I'm cold and my body aches (once again, I'm a big baby.)  But I've been sticking it out at work since I had two days off for the holidays and a half-day off when Karyn came to visit, so my paycheck this week is going to stink.

On the upside, Jip has been quiet in the mornings, stopped running across the street into the woods, left everything on the counters and stove-top alone, and has stopped annoying Daisy.  Just kidding.  But a dog can make New Year's resolutions too, can't he?  This week, it seems like his resolution has been to poop next to Daisy's bed more.  And eat a bunch of feathers outside.

Hope everyone's 2012 is going swimmingly so far, hopefully with fewer cold germs and dog poo than mine. :)

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