Thursday, January 26, 2012

Speaking of Food...

I have 90 pounds of venison in my freezer.

What's a vegetarian do with 90 lbs. of deer meat?  Feed it to her meat-hungry husband of course!  Actually, I don't have much of anything to do with it.  Joey shot two does this hunting season, dropped them off at the meat market to be processed into steaks, burger, sausage, and sticks, and I just wrote the check .  I don't even really know how to cook it since I became a vegetarian when I was 14 and hadn't really learned how to cook yet.  About all I can do is brown the hamburger and add it to dishes I would otherwise add soy crumbles to.  For the first time in our married life (almost a year now!) Joey had tacos made out of actual meat in our house.

In keeping with my recent dialogue on food, and my goals for more fresh, local food, I am going to try to keep track of the amount of food that we grow or harvest ourselves, on our own land, or through hunting.  If I hadn't mentioned before, my husband is a hunter.  Every season is hunting season, he is out in all weather, in all extra free time.  Some men love fishing, golf, and fantasy football, Joey loves duck calls, chest waders, bows, broad-heads, shotguns, treestands, and camouflage.  My house is starting to look like the Smithsonian because of the collection of stuffed animals we are amassing.  And I don't mean Beanie Babies.

So anyway, Joey loves to shoot animals and hang them on the walls in our dining room, I'm a vegetarian and I eat a lot of soy products and blog about vegetable gardens and fluffy sheep.  Opposites attract.

Since it's winter, we have not produced much for the year 2012 besides a lot of venison and some brown eggs from our hens.  At least we've both got protein.  Last weekend we bought 4 more laying hens from our friends at $3 a pop, which I think is a pretty good investment for fresh eggs.  We now have 7 hens and one rooster that I named Ferdinand and Joey is convinced Ferdinand is a girl's name.  What girls out there are named Ferdinand?

 Soon I'll be starting lettuce inside to add a little green into the mix and come February and March I will be starting veggies inside for my garden and as well as my mom and dad's and my grandparent's gardens.  I've already circled everything I want in the seed catalog.  And I got some grow-lights for Christmas.

Last year, I started tomatoes, green peppers and eggplant inside for transplanting into the garden and after having good tomato crops my mom and grandma are requesting more this year.  Last summer, after our garden started producing, we mostly ate what was ready straight out of the garden and didn't preserve a lot.  I froze some green beans and sweet corn and made a bunch of strawberry jam when strawberries were in season.  All that's left is the jam.  Next winter, I'd like to be eating more of my own produce.  So back to the canning books, I go!  And maybe we'll buy a chest freezer for Joey's game.  I'm also looking into how to turn an old storage room in my basement into a root cellar.

All in the name of good food!

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