Thursday, January 5, 2012


Here are my 2012 resolutions, written on January 1, in the midst of my pajama-thon.  There are exactly as I wrote them in my new owl journal (thank you Karyn!)...I'm not sure if they have any kind of priority, I just wrote them down as they popped into my head.

- do more yoga
- grow a bigger garden
- can/preserve more produce
- buy less (junk) food, buy more fresh, basic ingredients
- cook more whole food
- eat homemade lunches more often
- save more $
- buy less plastic, phthalates 
- be more creative: draw more, craft more
- learn to wash, card, and spin wool
- create etsy site, sell art and wool
- write more, blog more, submit to magazines
- relax about messy house
- appreciate time alone -> be more creative
- buy less, buy more used/quality goods
- spend more time on sheep, chickens, rabbit, and dogs
- finish upstairs of house
- be more self-sufficient
and last, but not least: floss!

Now you all have to hold me responsible for all these things.  I'm really hoping this will be a year of creativity, art, writing, and finding more ways to support myself than just my 10-6 at the library.  I want to reduce debt, save more, live more simply, and stress less about things like a messy, unfinished house.  I want to get off the couch (but not out of my pajamas!) and do more.  You know I'll keep you updated on my progress.


  1. These look good Whit! I too am hoping to reduce stress and do "more" with my time. I'm sorry we missed each other over x-mas, but my dad mailed your present yesterday!

  2. We are totally resolution friends! I haven't done too many specific resolutions, but I think if I did they would be remarkably similar to yours. Mine were more concepts I want to keep in the center of my life this next year: spirituality, creativity, and wellness.

    May we both have a successful and joyous 2012!