Thursday, January 19, 2012

Making Progress

Remember before when Joey ripped down walls upstairs the week before our Christmas party?  And it looked like this:

Last weekend, my dad and sister came to visit and my dad finished tearing out everything and cleaned up the debris a throwing everything out the window.  So my yard is full of plaster and wood.  It's a mess.  But the upstairs is looking better.  It's easier to see now what we want to do with the space...and it is so much more light and open than it was before with a closed-in staircase and a small little room.  

Up next on the upstairs reno agenda:
- Moving the electrical switch across the hallway so it is not just dangling there on electrical wires.
- Building a bookcase along the longest part of the open stairway
- Building banisters along the stairway
- Drywall and insulation 
- Fixing parts of molding, painting molding and windows
- Painting walls
- Installing carpeting
-Painting stairs

Having fun with DIY home renovation, but can't wait for it to be more finished!

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