Friday, December 30, 2011

A Merry Christmas

I know it's a little past-due, but, Happy Holidays!

Christmas seems to sneak up faster every year and this year seems like it was an exceptionally fast race from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.  Between shopping, wrapping like a maniac, tearing down walls, cleaning wall plaster dust off every surface in the house, throwing an ugly sweater christmas party, mailing out cards, and racing to get back home for Christmas Eve, this holiday has officially wiped me out.  And yet, when Christmas is over I'm always a little sad.  My christmas tree is as dry as the Sahara, if you even look at it the wrong way the needles tumble to my floor, but I am hanging on to it until New Year's.

My dad always had the tree out the door and on the curb almost as soon as the shredded wrapping paper was picked up, so now that I am a grown-up (ha!) with a house and a tree of my very own, I am keeping that poor crispy thing up as long as I can before it spontaneously bursts into flames from a combination of dryness and the heat of hundreds of tiny christmas lights.

Last night, my best friend, Karyn, who lives very far away in the mountains of California, came for an overnight visit.  Since it was Thursday, Joey and I took her up to the bar with us for bowling league and introduced her to our friends.  Hopefully she wasn't too bored watching us bowl three games.  She may have been our good-luck charm because Joey bowled his personal best (almost a 200!) and I didn't do too shabby either: 130 (pretty good, for me.)

This morning she went with me to my dentist appointment (sorry Kar!) and then we went out to lunch before I had to go into work.  I was a short visit, but just what I needed in the midst of all this holiday madness.  We were roommates in college for 3 years, hiked the Inca Trail together, and she stood by my side as a bridesmaid when I married Joey almost a year ago.  Since we graduated college and moved thousands of miles apart, I miss having her in the room next to mine, talking late at night, and fighting over doing the dishes or replacing the toilet paper (now I have Joey for that).

Now I am back at work, she is on her way home, and I have a couple more hours until the weekend.  It is rainy and grey here and I think I'd like to curl up with Joey in our new Christmas sleeping bags (so toasty) and finish the last Lord of the Rings movie that we started earlier in the week.  I might even make my favorite: spaghetti.  New Year's Eve plans include enchiladas and bowling.  After all these holiday shenanigans, it sounds like a good plan to me.

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