Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas came early

This is what my dining room table looks like right now...Christmas exploded on it.

Christmas came early this year...we bought the TV for ourselves around Thanksgiving.  And up until last night it was teetering on a tiny side table we had our 19-incher resting on.  Yes, our old tv was about the size of my laptop screen.  Even though we don't get TV service out here, we use the TV a lot, watching Friends on DVD and Netflix.  We love movies.  So we bought ourselves a Christmas present.  And Joey's parents bought us the tv stand.  It finally came in the mail yesterday, I was so excited to see a giant cardboard box on the front porch!  Joey put it together (and sent shredded bits of styrofoam everywhere) while I created the christmas present wrapping mess in the dining room.

I ran out of tape and wrapping paper.  Guess that means a trip to the dollar store!  Hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for Christmas...I feel so behind!

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