Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We Can Do It!

This last weekend I survived hosting a Haunted Library event at work, travelled back home to see visiting relatives, came back to the country to host my in-laws for the weekend, made it through hordes of candy-hungry trick-or-treaters at the the library, and then hoofed it home to hand out candy at my own house.  Needless to say, I need all the sugar from the leftover halloween candy I can get my hands on to keep me going today.

The sweet spread at the haunted library

Making a witch's brew with the kids
After the library event Thursday night, I took an early morning train Friday back to the suburbs to see my aunt, uncle, cousin, and her husband and baby, Molly, from Texas.

Saturday afternoon, I drove with Joey's parents back to my house in the country.  They stayed Saturday night through Monday morning.  Joey's mom wanted to go to church on Sunday so I took her to a church a few towns away that I had visited during the Spoon River Scenic Drive.  After our warm welcome and an interesting and informal service on integrity, we picked up Joey and went out for lunch. Afterwards, we had to go pick up my car from the train station in town and picked up some ingredients for dinner.  We did a lot of driving and Joey's parents got to see a fair amount of countryside on their visit.  Sunday night, the whole family got down to business and worked on putting the dryer together.  A lot of confusion and an hour later, the dryer was screwed together and back in business.  It only took my dad to take it apart, my mom and I (and a few youtube videos) to put the new dryer belt on, and Joey, and his parents to put it back together.  6 people. 

Yesterday morning, I donned my halloween costume and left for work at the library.  Joey's parents came with because they had never seen where I work before.  It was like take-your-in-laws-to-work-day.  They explored the library for an hour or so and then left to say goodbye to Joey out in the fields.  I was left with a quiet library for a few hours until the kids started trick-or-treating.  Because the town is so small, the businesses also get into the act of shelling out candy so the kids could come to the library to add to their pillowcases.  Although I don't think I actually saw any pillowcases of candy.  Or too many of those orange plastic pumpkin buckets.  I did see a lot of bags with those "Spooky Buddies" puppies on them.

Can we survive a whirlwind weekend of library events, family from both sides, and sugar-hyper kids?  Yes we can!

Rosie the Riveter
It's a good thing the walls in my living room are painted yellow...

We Can Do It!

My dad offered to let me borrow his riveting gun to add to my costume...

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  1. Yay! I knew you'd make it through the party :)