Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat

A few Halloween tricks were played at the library this week.

On Monday, to add to all the hysteria and stress of the weekend and holiday, I found that the book drop box had been completely filled and a stack of books had been left on the top of the box.  Usually, the big metal box outside the front door is filled with a handful of books and a few newspaper subscriptions.  Sometime over the weekend, someone had filled the entire box with donated books and left the rest on the top of the box.  I had to drag the library cart outside to haul all the books inside.  Of the hundreds of books, I can use maybe three, and the rest are either outdated, irrelevant to the interests of the patrons, or textbooks.  Thanks mystery book donor, for adding to the ever-increasing mess of books I have to sell or recycle in the back room of the library.  At least the drop box wasn't filled by something disgusting, no library books were harmed, and no animals were abandoned, like Dewey, the kitten that was left in a library drop box and then adopted by the library. (true story)

However, there was a dog in the library on Monday afternoon.  Not a seeing-eye dog.  A dog that followed a bunch of trick-or-treaters into the library and then ran around the stacks and couldn't be caught.  All the costumed kids chased it around the bookshelves and I chased it out from behind the circulation desk.  It was a wily creature and was having great fun eluding capture.  Finally, it followed some miniature batmans and vampires back outside.  It reminded me of the time Daisy jumped out of my car and ran around inside a gas station convenience store.

Anyone else have strange things happen to them on Halloween?


  1. This is not about Halloween, but rather libraries. Ben and I found an Australian show on Hulu the other day that was a strange blend of hilarious and occasionally very un-PC.

    Your books on the book drop story made me think of it, because the head librarian in the show is always finding strange things in their book drop.


  2. more library thoughts:

  3. I'm obsessed with Dewey because he is from the town of Spencer, Iowa which is near the little farm town my dad grew up in. We would go to Spencer all the time growing up! I'm so sad Dewey is gone now....
    I LOVE Your blog by the way!