Wednesday, November 9, 2011

That's life.

Yes, I know, I have been missing in action for the last few days.  Life kinda got in the way of blogging the last couple of days.  Nothing too spectacular, just ordinary, everyday, life.  Life with dogs that roll in unmentionable things, husbands that spend long hours in a tree-stand hunting "the biggest buck ever," and mysterious flu-bugs that show up on rainy days.

It's only Wednesday and so far this week, I haven't worked a full work-day.  Monday, I went home at 2 pm feeling sick and laid in bed and watched movies on my computer for the rest of the day.  Joey got home at 4 pm since the harvest is over and the hours are shorter.  At 5:30, we felt as if it was 9 o'clock already because it was so dark out.  If I hadn't gone home early, I would still be at work until 6pm.

Yesterday, I left work around 2 pm to meet an electrician at my house to check out what is going on with our lights upstairs, and found out that our entire electrical set-up is completely out-dated and the electrician called said it was "not even safe."  He also told me his estimate for just updating the electric in the basement would be $2,000.  And then I felt bad about missing so much work this week.  And then I thought about all the peanut butter and jelly we will be eating for the next few months to pay an electrician.

It's bad to hear that something that is absolutely necessary for the safety of your home costs so much.  It's even worse to hear it on a week where you miss 10 hours of work because of sickness, electricians, and no paid holidays.  It's also bad to hear it the week that your husband's farming job starts to slow down for the winter.  And two months before Christmas...

Anyone else get caught up in this crazy thing we call life/home-ownership/owner of two bad dogs this week?


  1. You are not alone on this one! I may only have one dog and an apartment instead of a house, but I've been the same way this week. Just looking over finances and realizing that Christmas is around the corner, not to mention our wedding! I honestly don't know how I'm going to afford it all.

    But, I'm figuring out where to cut corners, and what we can live without, which at this point means I'll be taking the train instead of driving to work! Somehow, though, we always pull through, whether we're in the city or the country!

  2. So glad to hear I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed this week! It's hard not to feel like I am the only one that's having to make do, but then I remember that there are so many more people who are in more serious need. I may stress, but all of our bills get paid every month, so I guess we're doing ok. :)