Wednesday, November 30, 2011


My winter workout has officially begun.  I spent my morning lugging leaky buckets of water out to the sheep, sloshing water down my pajama pants and covering my boots with mud (and other unmentionables).  The ground, as well as the woolly backs of the sheep, was covered in a glittering layer of frost.  The hose and the water in the chickens' and rabbit's water bottles was frozen.  The only good bucket we have was, for some reason, in the middle of the pasture that Dodge, the ram, is in.  And there was no way I walking out there in the open, exposing my pajama-clad backside to the bombardment of Dodge's rock-hard skull.  Joey can risk his butt for the bucket.  So my only other choice, since all the other plastic buckets seem to have cracks in them, was an old metal bucket.  And it it dripped water in a path from my bathtub to my backdoor because I couldn't get the hose off the spigot on the side of the house.

While I was sweating and carrying buckets, Jip got up on the kitchen table and knocked down two drinking glasses, shattering glass on the floor.  Later, as I was trying to make a pb&j to take for lunch at work, I let Daisy out to go to the bathroom.  She came back in smelling like a dead, rotting animal.  She had rolled in something atrocious.  Since she is too heavy for me to haul into the bathtub, I cornered her in the bathroom and scrubbed at her with a wet washcloth and soap, gagging at the smell the whole time.  She's probably still covered in all the soap I slathered on her back so Joey will have to give her a real bath after work.  And then clean out the bathtub.

Out here, the bathtub has many uses, from watering sheep and chickens, bathing dogs, and giving ducklings a place to swim.

Muscovy ducklings

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