Thursday, September 22, 2011


Three things I'm terrified of:

1. Roosters.

2. Getting head-butted by the ram.  It hurts.  So does getting attacked by a rooster.

3.  Stepping into my farm boots and finding a mouse inside with my toes.

All of these things live on my farm. 2 out of 3 things have happened already.  I have to face my fears on a daily basis.

I'm also afraid of snakes.  And I found a cast-off snake skin in my front yard.

If you want to have a scary Halloween this year and are also afraid of these creatures, stop my by house.  We can party with the mice on my back porch, stick our bare feet into boots on said back porch, and then turn our backs to the rooster and the ram.  Maybe the snake will stop in and say 'hello.'    

1 comment:

  1. It takes guts to admit one's fears on the internet. Good for you, Whitney!